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Find public art on Ingersoll & Grand Avenues

Did you know that The Avenues of Ingersoll & Grand is home to more than 25 pieces of public art? From murals and sculptures to projections and bus shelters, you are invited to explore the unique installations created by local and national artists.

Plan your own art tour by browsing our public art map below:

In addition to the permanent pieces of public art along Ingersoll and Grand Avenues, keep an eye out for pop-up installations (like this and this) and events (like this and this) happening in the district throughout the year. Grand Avenue is also home to Moberg Gallery, which features rotating exhibits, and The Des Moines Art Center, a modern and contemporary art museum with free admission.

In 2020, The Avenues of Ingersoll & Grand was designated an official Cultural and Entertainment District by the Iowa Arts Council, a division of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs. This honors the places in Iowa already recognized as hubs of cultural activity through a concentration of arts facilities, creative businesses, and gathering places.

Learn more about our efforts to expand arts and culture on The Avenues here.

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