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“Musical Mystical Optimistic Nostalgia” by Jennifer Gaureke at Ted’s Coney Island

The City Sounds pianos have hit the street for their residencies around the city through the Fall. Ingersoll Avenue is home to the works of Jennifer Gaureke in her piece titled, “Musical Mystical Optimistic Nostalgia.”

The art draws inspiration from the history and future of Des Moines and the people who reside in the city. The piano includes elements such as wood carvings, plexiglass panels, and vibrant colors, as well as painted vintage Des Moines signs.

“The most challenging aspect of creating ‘Musical Mystical Optimistic Nostalgia’ was the size and pre-existing beauty of the donated piano. A simple design would compete with what was already there, it demanded a total transformation with a significant investment of time, while still honoring the original Krakauer Brothers instrument.” said Gaureke.

Gaureke has been an artist for over 40 years, starting when her mother gave her an oil painting lesson at 7-years-old. She now specializes in various forms of art utilizing a wide range of materials, such as mixed media with collage, acrylic painting, found objects, and murals to miniatures.

You can interact with the art on Ingersoll Avenue at Ted’s Coney Island (3020 Ingersoll Avenue). What makes this installation even more special for Gaureke, is that her and her partner have frequented this restaurant for many years for their famous gryos! Next time you’re on The Avenues, make sure to stop by and admire the art and tickle the ivories!


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