What do you want to see outside your door?

The Avenues is a very special community. It serves seven historic neighborhoods and spans four square miles. The pandemic has us all looking at life through fresh eyes and living life in our yards and on our sidewalks. Parks are our respite. Nature makes us feel better. Outdoor recreation maintains our physical and mental health, and since COVID-19 mitigation, 83 percent of adults in the U.S. agree. As a dense urban area, The Avenues sees a gap here in Des Moines parks, trails and green spaces. We also see an opportunity for the future and are asking for your help. Whether it’s biking, walking, climbing, jogging or socializing, we want your ideas. Your dreams. Your vision. Maybe it’s a connection to a school or park nearby. Public gardens to stroll through. Pop-up parks with public art. Or a wellness loop around a scenic cemetery. Perhaps you’ve experienced urban green space in another city, state or country that would make The Avenues a better place to live, work and visit. Upload photos and fill out the form below. We are listening.

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