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Des Moines Prenatal Massage (3900 Ingersoll Ave.) has been on The Avenues for 3 years, providing prenatal and postpartum massage services, and more for all bodies.

“Prenatal and postpartum care is essential. We offer massage therapy for this population from highly trained therapists that have taken the extra step to learn how to serve women during such an important time.” said Linnsey Sires, owner and licensed massage therapist.

They recently moved their single therapist operation to 3900 Ingersoll Avenue. They are hoping to grow by welcoming more highly trained and licensed therapists to their practice and adding more service hours in the near future.


1 question for Des Moines Prenatal Massage:

Q: What’s your favorite part about doing business on The Avenues?

A: The Avenues is growing in such a fun and diverse way. We are honored to be a part of the Ingersoll area and add a service that hopefully enhances the appeal of this area.

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