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What sets your business apart on The Avenues? 

Cooper: Our customer service and attention to detail set us apart. People know that they can come here and get happy!

Where do you find inspiration? 

Cooper: My family is a great inspiration. I am a foster mom to a wonderful 10-year-old and he has brought so much to our family.

What do you wish there was more of in our community?

Cooper: I wish we had a Holiday event like EV’s Promenade.

Who is someone locally who you admire? Why?

Cooper: I admire John Nieland, the new owner at our Ankeny store and his willingness to learn a new business from top to bottom. Heis working to make all our stores better.

What’s your ideal Des Moines staycation look like? 

Cooper: I’m an aspiring author so an overnight stay at a nice hotel with a Jacuzzi tub and my computer so I can write without being interrupted. 

Complete this sentence: In the next 10 years, I hope The Avenues of Ingersoll & Grand ______. 

Cooper: Has completed the pedestrian-friendly streetscape and the people watching (one of my favorite things to do) is even better.


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