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Founders of Adamantine Yoga Love the Diverse Offerings of The Avenues

James & Ann Miller, founders of Adamantine® Yoga

What sets your business apart on The Avenues? 

Millers: We teach yoga right in the middle of some of the busiest restaurants and bars in the area. And we love it! The diversity of the businesses on Ingersoll creates an exciting vibe that I think is perfectly showcased when you see people eating on the patio out in front of the Cheese Bar, our clients practicing yoga behind them, and the Devine dance students running laps around the block. On a beautiful sunny Spring day, it’s such an exciting, energizing mix!

Who is someone locally who you admire? Why?

Millers: Dr. Andy Nish, medical director of the John Stoddard Cancer Center, and long-time Adamantine® Yoga practitioner. I admire Andy’s ability to recognize the connection between the conditions he treated as an interventional radiologist and the impact of diet and lifestyle. Andy recently completed his fellowship in Integrative Medicine and is actively working to educate the medical community on the power of mind/body therapies.

What’s underrated in The Avenues district?   

Millers: The diversity of products and services available, from Bauders to Zanzibar, Stam and Badowers, the list just goes on and on. When I think of the amazing, one-of-a-kind places that I can simply walk to from our location, it’s really gratifying to know that we are a part of it.

What’s something someone who does business with you might not realize – either about your company or you as an individual?

Millers: That yoga is not taught in the same manner we teach it at our studio almost anywhere else. Many of our clients assume that yoga is always individualized and that everyone has a direct personal relationship with their teacher like they do in our Des Moines studio. When they try to encourage their friends and family who live out of the area to practice this way, they quickly discover this isn’t true.

Complete this sentence. In the next 10 years you hope…?:

Millers: In the next 10 years, I hope The Avenues of Ingersoll & Grand continue to blossom in the way they have over the past few years. We feel so lucky to have landed right in the midst of it!

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