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True Roots is a chiropractic clinic that serves people of all ages, providing chiropractic adjustments and a place for the community to “begin their journey of hope and healing.” True Roots has been on The Avenues (2301 Ingersoll) since 2019.

“Our goal for our business is to provide a positive, uplifting, and memorable experience here in our office. We want our practice members to feel welcomed and heard when it comes to their health,” said Dr. Paige Roth.

True Roots doctors and staff can be found outside of the office in the community as well, taking part in events such as Pride Fest and the American Parkinsons Disease Association conference.

“We give our community an alternative to their health and well being,” said Dr. Roth. “We have our hearts aimed towards serving others by helping them get back to the things they enjoy most in life.”

To schedule a visit, call 515-612-7701 or visit www.truerootschiro.com.

1 question for True Roots: 

Q: What’s your favorite part about doing business on The Avenues?
A: The connections we make with the community members and local business owners. We love being able to give back and supporting our neighbors and friends. (When practice members celebrate their birthday at True Roots, the receive a coupon for a free treat at nearby Crème Cupcake!)

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