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It’s been five years since Panka introduced the Des Moines community to Peruvian cuisine. Owner Mariela Maya opened her restaurant at 2708 Ingersoll Avenue on November 5, 2018.

“We are the only Peruvian restaurant,” said Maya. Peruvian cuisine has influences from from Europe, Asia, and Africa. “We are constantly improving our menu so more people will learn about our culture.”

Carapulcra de Cerdo

Maya was born and raised in Peru and moved to the United States in 2001 with the dream of opening her own restaurant. Panka’s menu includes classic Peruvian dishes including ceviches, lomo saltado (stir-fried beef) and aji de gallina (creamy chicken).

Ready to try out Panka? Stop in the restaurant for one of their specials:

  • Tuesday: Two-for-one cocktails and Piqueo Peruano (appetizer sampler platter) for $23
  • Wednesday: Live jazz music, $7 appetizers, two-for-one glasses of wine
  • Thursday: Two-for-one beers and ceviches

1 question for Panka:

Q: What’s your favorite part about doing business on The Avenues?

A: I love how The Avenues is being improved not only on the appearance but on the variety of local businesses.

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