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From the team that has brought Miracle on Ingersoll to the district during the holiday season the past two years, Nightmare on Ingersoll is a Halloween-inspired experience that will pop-up for the first time October 2 through November 4.

“It’ll be elaborately decorated with eerie, and haunting yet playful decor that will cater to the – what we believe to be – many Halloween enthusiasts in our area,” said TJ Rushing, co-owner of The Station on Ingersoll. “A specialty cocktail list, with spooky glassware is being designed, and that’s going to be a main attraction, in addition to the atmosphere.”

Nightmare on Ingersoll will be located in the back room of The Station, also known as Dugan’s Hideaway (3124 Ingersoll Avenue). Rushing promises a “fun and unique experience” for guests from the neighborhood and beyond.

The pop-up bar will feature a slate of performing acts, ranging from DJs, to full bands and open mic comedy throughout the month, says Rushing. Follow Nightmare on Ingersoll on social media to keep up with the schedule.

1 question for Nightmare on Ingersoll:

Q: What’s your favorite part about doing business on The Avenues?

A: We have been here four years now, and there’s definitely no other place we’d rather be. It’s our pleasure to serve and do business in such a diverse and supportive community.

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