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Jeid Studio (2921 Ingersoll Ave.) opened its showroom on Ingersoll Avenue in 2021. It is a full-service interior design studio that serves clients in Greater Des Moines and across the country, offering various levels of design services.

“Every project we put our hands on has the same goals in mind: relieve stress and anxiety for our clients, provide a clear design direction with an organized path to get there, and create a beautiful, cohesive space. We handle every detail, dilemma, and decision with an undeniable amount of love and savvy,” said owner Jessi Economos.

Jeid works on new construction and remodel projects as interior designers, but also as detailed communicators. They have invested in automation to save themselves time and improve the accuracy of their work. They are able to generate detailed materials for clients and the other people involved in the home-building process, such as builders and subcontractors.

There are stark differences across all the typical personas involved in the creation or remodel of a home. From the client to the builder to the tradesperson, there is a wide array of education levels and personalities, which often leads to communication issues. Instead of wasted materials, lost time, and disappointed clients, Jeid Studio sees a solution through customized playbooks for each persona involved. They want to be talented designers of beautiful homes, but also want to be translators who can maximize the talents of others involved, thereby reducing frustration, material waste, and missed deadlines.

This summer, Jeid Studio is hosting Power Life Yoga pop-up classes in their showroom, as well as designing workshops!

1 question for Jeid Studio:

Q: What’s your favorite part about doing business on The Avenues?

A: We love where we are located on Ingersoll amongst amazing small businesses that have big personalities. Each business is unique and incredibly creative. From food and drinks to retail, there are so many gems to be found for many people.

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