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When DZO Korean BBQ (2611 Ingersoll Ave.) opened last year it was the first restaurant of its kind in the state. DZO offers Korean barbecue, a popular method in Korean cuisine of grilling meat on grills built into the dining table itself.

Boom Boom Bao Buns

“Our goal is to bring a new food venue and to increase the awareness that our community is diverse,” said co-owner Kim Nguyen. “We want to make Korean cuisine known.”

DZO offers a premium selection of meats and combo platters that patrons can grill at their table. If you don’t feel up for grilling, DZO also offers a full menu of Korean dishes including bao buns, bibimbap and noodle dishes. DZO also has a full bar.

Recently DZO started offering a lunch menu in addition to dinner, including an all-you-can-eat special on Wednesdays. Follow their Facebook page for current deals.

1 question for DZO Korean BBQ:

Q: What’s your favorite part about doing business on The Avenues?

A: It is a fun and unique location where you can find a vast diversity type of restaurants.

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