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The DSM Art Club (1501 Ingersoll Ave., Suite 100) is a recent addition to The Avenues, having opened in March. This art studio provides a safe space for creative expression for all ages.

DSM Art Club provides a hub for artists of all ages to expand their left brain thinking and creative expression among some of the best restaurants, bars and galleries along Ingersoll & Grand Avenues.

“Our goal at DSM Art Club has a passion for enriching our community. Our camps and classes give artists of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity create art. Making art is a means of therapy and can only expand problem solving and self confidence.” said co-owners Michelle Gersdorf and Leah Stifel.

Their studio hosts various art camps of all genres and mediums, such as elementary age classes, “Mommy & Me,” and adult classes, as well. Visit their website to register for a summer art camp. Their space is also available to book for small events and occasions.

1 question for DSM Art Club:

Q: “What’s your favorite part about doing business on The Avenues?”

A: “When DSM Art Club was merely an idea, a central location within the Des Moines metro was a major component in planning. Both Ingersoll and Grand Avenues are main veins of the city and the businesses here provide arts, food and culture you can find nowhere else within Des Moines.”

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