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Ingersoll Avenue offers a cyclist-friendly haven with dedicated bike lanes that make traveling on two wheels a breeze.

The new protected bike lanes along the Ingersoll streetscape provide a clear and distinct separation from traffic and increases cyclist visibility, reducing the likelihood of collisions with vehicles. Protected lanes and increased bike infrastructure makes cycling more accessible to a wider range of individuals, including children and less experienced riders.

If you haven’t visited the new Ingersoll Avenue bike lanes – we invite you to come check them out. Bike counts recorded in Spring 2024 (in the 2400 block) showed that there are an average of 170 cyclists using Ingersoll Avenue every day!

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Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a novice pedaler, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to make the most of the bike lanes on Ingersoll Avenue:

Know the layout: Ingersoll Avenue’s bike lane design is the first-of-its-kind in Des Moines, so take time to familiarize yourself with the layout. The bike lanes are easy to spot with their special red concrete! The marked, one-way lanes run parallel to the road, are clearly separated from vehicular traffic and are designed for cyclists to travel in same direction as traffic.

Ride with awareness: Be mindful of others who are using the street, including other cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles. Ingersoll Avenue has many driveways leading in and out of businesses so be aware at each crossing point to avoid conflict with vehicles. (Drivers should be yielding to cyclists and pedestrians!)

Safety is a priority: Safety should always be #1 – wear a helmet, use proper signaling when turning, and obey traffic signals when using the bike lanes on Ingersoll Avenue. Cyclists should stay within the designated bike lanes to ensure safety and adhere to traffic rules.

Stop & support: Ingersoll Avenue is home to many bike-friendly businesses! When parking your bike, make use of the designated bike racks available along the streetscape. This not only keeps the sidewalks clear for pedestrians but also prevents any inconvenience to fellow cyclists.

By following these guidelines, cyclists can confidently explore Ingersoll on two wheels, enjoying a safe and enjoyable journey through one of Des Moines’ most bike-friendly neighborhoods. So, gear up, hop on your bike, and pedal your way through our vibrant corridor!

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    I feel less safe on Ingersoll now. I understand the need for storm sewer work but prefer the bike lane to be on the drivers side in the street. I find the new system adds to many intersections (driveways and exits) and a decreased visibility because parked cars are obscuring my view of traffic and traffic’s view of me. Great sudewalk but as far as commuting on bicycle I am glad Ingersoll is no longer required for me.

  • Adam says:

    The bike lanes need to be clearly marked at intersections and driveways. Cars aren’t looking for for cyclists when they pull out from the car wash or office max and other businesses along Ingersoll. Signage warning drivers is highly needed!

  • Jerry DuBois says:

    I really like what Ingersoll has become. I ride it several times a week and think it works fine. I hope other areas convert to the same format in the future.

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