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Hi, I’m Taylor! My everyday life is full of ideas that quickly turn into itineraries, checklists and steps towards making the unthinkable, thinkable! And when I am not busy doing that…. I am planning my next trip to the tropics. I get asked countless times how I came to be the owner of a such a fun, creative business and my answer is simple. Throughout my time at Iowa State University, I fell in love with my event management courses along with business. So, why not mix the two and create something that was truly needed for Des Moines? With the help of my amazing and handsome husband, I was able to dive into the business world at a young age of 21. Now, 3 years later, White Willow Events is one of the leading event consulting companies in the Des Moines area. So, if you are looking for a place that’s filled with fresh flowers, colorful ribbons, and the perfect glass of wine, then stop on in! I look forward to meeting you!