Cleaning for Hope is a social enterprise founded by Lily Okech, a refugee from Uganda, with the aim of addressing employment opportunities for local refugees and serving the community. We specialize in commercial cleaning services with a mission grounded in culture, support, and love.

Lily’s personal experiences as a refugee and understanding of the challenges faced by those who have resettled drive her commitment to making a positive impact locally. As an American citizen since 2014, she acknowledges the assistance provided overseas to people in need but recognizes a gap in supporting individuals like herself who are living right within our community.

Beyond providing comprehensive cleaning services, Cleaning for Hope goes beyond the traditional business model. Lily aims to offer a sense of belonging and support to those who may lack social connections or assistance during challenging times. By fostering community support, Cleaning for Hope strives to be more than just a cleaning service—offering friendship and resources to those who may be in need of shelter, food, clothing, or someone to talk to.

At Cleaning for Hope, we take pride in uplifting both our team members and the community we serve. By hiring local refugees as employees, we provide them with valuable job opportunities and stability while also enriching our workforce with diverse perspectives and skills. Our commitment extends beyond financial success; it focuses on creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

We understand that cleanliness is crucial in maintaining a professional image and providing safe spaces for businesses. Therefore, we offer tailored solutions designed to meet each client’s unique needs. Our team of skilled professionals is trained using industry best practices to ensure exceptional service quality with attention given to every detail.

By choosing Cleaning for Hope as your commercial cleaning partner, you are not only obtaining high-quality cleaning services but also contributing towards creating meaningful change within your community. Together, we can build stronger connections and brighter futures.

Whether you own an office building, retail space, or any commercial establishment, let Cleaning for Hope handle your cleaning needs while making a positive social impact. Join us in our mission to create hope, employment opportunities, and community support for refugees right here in our local area.

Contact Cleaning for Hope today, and let us help you make a difference through every clean.