Deadline: Vendor registration and payment is due Friday, July 8, 2016.

Submission of the registration form and insurance certificate, as well as payment in full will secure the vendor’s participation and agreement that the following requirements will be met. See the vendor policy for more detailed information.

  • Insurance, naming Ingersoll-Grand Self-Supporting Municipal Improvement District & West Side Chamber as additional insured
  • Fire Department Safety Requirements
  • Iowa Health Department Food Safety Requirements & Temporary Food License
  • Trash Disposal & Use of Compostable Materials – Please help us make Ingersoll Live zero waste Compostable materials are more economical than ever before!
  • Current West Side Chamber Member

Vendor Policy

INSURANCE: Please provide your certificate of insurance, with “Ingersoll-Grand Self-Supporting Municipal Improvement District” named as additional insured, to McB McManus at

HOURS OF OPERATIONS: Vendors must remain open and be prepared to serve patrons during the hours of 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm, which were contracted for, regardless of weather conditions.

Vendor set-up may begin at 1:00 pm.

All vehicles must be off the street and set-up complete by 3:30 pm. A map of the event will be provided and signage at the event will display your location.

Vendor tear-down may begin at 11:00 pm.

ON-SITE STORAGE: There will be NO storage allowed outside or behind any vendor booth for any supplies, equipment or inventory. This will be strictly enforced to uphold the aesthetics of Ingersoll LIVE, as well as for your security.

ELECTRICITY: No other form of generator or electrical service other than that provided by Ingersoll LIVE is permitted. All extension cords are the responsibility of the food vendor and should be a minimum of 12-gauge/3 wires and 25 ft. length. Ingersoll LIVE does not guarantee any last minute changes. If a change in electricity needs occurs, please provide your updated electricity requirements to McB McManus at immediately.

TRASH: You are not allowed to use the public trash containers for your disposal. All booths are expected to keep their areas free of trash, food scraps, litter, water, etc. You are responsible for keeping your area clean. Empty cartons and boxes must be taken to event trash service immediately after emptying.

MARKETING: Ingersoll LIVE also encourages vendors to bring additional marketing materials, such as menus and business cards. As soon as Ingersoll LIVE marketing materials are available, they will be provided, and we would encourage you to post in your businesses and beyond!

GOING GREEN: No Styrofoam products are allowed. Recycle Me Iowa is our trash vendor for Ingersoll LIVE 2016. They have agreed to provide money back towards the event for each vendor that complies with purchasing compostable materials. We would appreciate your assistance in making this event zero waste! Find attached some guidelines about what can be composted. Also, people that can help supply certified compostable products are below:


Gourmet Harry’s:

Our contact, Ciji Mitrisin,, would be happy to help or answer questions.