Community CPA & Associates Inc debunks the myths and beliefs about accounting firms. We offer expertise with empathy, knowledge with understanding, and powerful technology with a human touch.

CEO and Chief Certified Public Accountant Ying Sa and her team have a world of experience in domestic and international tax preparation and planning, payroll administration, and audit engagements for both tax and accounting. No matter how simple or complex the accounting, tax preparation or financial needs, Community CPA offers strategies and solutions that have been proven to work. The Community CPA team is more than accountants to our clients. Each team member is considered a mentor, cheerleader, adviser, and partner in our client’s successful business venture.

With clients all over the world, a multi-lingual staff and unparalleled technology, Community CPA & Associates Inc is truly a global accounting firm. The firm works with everyone from startup immigrant entrepreneurs who need help navigating the complexities of doing business in America, to large multinational American-run corporations. Everyone is treated with the same degree of importance and respect.

We have a record of successes in offering solutions to the most complex and demanding IRS issues. As a CPA firm, we are authorized by federal and state governments to represent clients without having our clients meet with auditors.

Community CPA & Associates Inc is not a place where you will ever feel intimidated or judged. We are here to share our experience and knowledge and to help you succeed, because your success is our success.